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Providing on-time delivery is critical to operating in this industry.  Our dedicated flat deck logistics team ensures on-time pickup and delivery.  
We follow up our performance with strong communication with customers and related parties to provide the highest level of service.
The fleet consists of:
- Super B   
- Tri-Axle
- Hi-Boy
- Trombone
- Special Projects


if you have your own equipment and need a reliable company to move your goods, then give us a call and we would be happy to provide a tailored solution to fit your need.


JK Trucking has long established relationships with customers to haul specialized trailers throughout Alberta and British Columbia.  Additionally, hauling Nation wide and throughout Western United States.


We offer a high level of customer service and highly trained personnel to ensure your product arrives safely and on time


The fleet consists of:

- Class 8 power units

- Professional driver

Traveling throughout Western Canada and the North Western United States, JK Trucking has been offering Agricultural Services to local and international customers for the past 17 years.
Proven to be reliable, safe and compliant, we are dedicated to putting our customer needs first.  Many of our long-term customers call us first.
The fleet consists of:
- Super B hopper
- Dry Bulk
- Bulk Seed in dry vans
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